“The greatest fear that lives in the hearts of patients is to know that there is something out there that could save your life… and to also know it may be just beyond your reach. Leaders have the power to change that.”

Kathy Giusti, Dean Nohria, Robert Kraft, Richard Hamermesh

Accelerating Precision Medicine

As Co-chair of the Harvard Business School (HBS) Kraft Accelerator, I worked with HBS Professor Richard Hamermesh to better understand what makes cure-seekers successful. When we look at the best models, we see a clear distinction between organizations that prosper, and those that fall short. Learn how a solid foundation sets you up for success.


Assess your readiness


Develop the landscape


Interview the key opinion leaders


Write the strategic plan


Write the operational plan


Continually communicate

Access the tools you need to write your own playbook for a cure.

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