Survivor. Disruptor.

Kathy’s Story

“I will never forget the doctor looking at me and saying, ‘I’m sorry, you have cancer.’ And not just any cancer, one of the lousy ones with a weird name and no reliable treatments. Three years to live. Incurable. No grey.” 

For Kathy Giusti, what began as a 3-year death sentence turned into a 25-year crusade to not only save her own life, but disrupt and galvanize a deeply broken healthcare system and transform care for millions facing a fatal diagnosis.

katie couric
“Kathy is an inspiration. A cancer patient who faced impossible odds and beat them. A cancer crusader forging a future for others to do the same.”
— Katie Couric
melissa menounos
“Kathy figured out a way to crack the healthcare system and beat the odds, survive, and then helped others survive. She is one bad ass woman.”
— Maria Menounos (Better Together)
tom brokaw
“When I was told I had terminal cancer, Kathy was there for me. Today she is sharing what she knows with anyone seeking a cure.”
— Tom Brokaw
richard parsons
“I give a lot of credit to Kathy Giusti. Most of us ride in the wagon. You always need someone out front pulling the wagon. She’s one of those.”
— Richard (Dick) Parsons
marge foti
“Kathy is a pioneer in precision medicine. She uses her patient experience and business acumen to drive science faster with innovative models.”
— Marge Foti, AACR

For Patients

Are you a patient looking for answers? Kathy helps you ask the right questions.

Learn about practical steps you can take following a diagnosis and how knowing your risk can improve your outcome.

For Leaders

Are you a leader seeking a cure? Kathy sets you up for success.

Learn how to establish a solid foundation and access the tools you need to write a high-impact playbook toward a cure.